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MSC22, the next in-person MSC meeting, will take place in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, on
14-16 November 2022.

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After their successful debut in 2020, the Maritime Security Virtual Sessions continue. Please register through the link below to learn more from leading experts on maritime issues in the Indo-Pacific.

MSC Virtual Session 11: “How the Russia-Ukraine War is Changing Russia’s Maritime Warfare”

Wednesday, 10 August 2022, 1500-1600 PDT

Dr Michael Petersen

Dr Michael Petersen

Russia Maritime Studies Institute, U.S. Naval War College

Spectacular events such as the sinking of Russia’s Moskva guided-missile cruiser in mid-April and the months-long battle for Snake Island have placed the Russian Navy at the center of the Russia-Ukraine War. But how does the Russian Navy fight? What would the naval component of a wider war with NATO look like? What are we learning from the naval war in Ukraine? Dr Michael Petersen, Director of the US Naval War College’s Russia Maritime Studies Institute, will discuss the Russian Navy’s warfighting concepts and strategy, its strengths and limitations, and lessons from the naval war in the Black Sea.

For Dr Petersen’s insights on this topic earlier this year, please see “Reconsidering Russian Maritime Warfareat the Center for International Maritime Security.

Virtual Session 10

Dr. Brian Chao

Assistant Professor, US Naval War College

“History Rhymes: Lessons from the Past for Today’s US-China Maritime Competition”

Virtual Session 9

Dr. Alessio Patalano

Professor of War and Strategy, King's College London

“Carrier Strike Group 21 and Britain’s Resurgence in the Pacific”

Virtual Session 8

Dr. Tarcisius Kabutaulaka

Associate Professor, Center for Pacific Island Studies, University of Hawaii

“Strategic Trends in the Pacific Islands Region”

Virtual Session 7

Dr. Tabitha Mallory

Founder and CEO of the China Ocean Institute; Affiliate Professor, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington

“China’s Distant-Water Fishing Fleet and South America”

Virtual Session 6

Captain George Galdorisi (United States Navy, Retired)

Director of Strategic Assessments and Technical Futures, Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific, U.S. Navy

“The Importance and Applications of AI to Naval Operations”

Download Paper from Session 6 – The Importance and Applications of AI to Naval Operations

Virtual Session 5

Darshana M. Baruah

Non-Resident Scholar, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

“The Strategic Importance of Islands in the Indian Ocean”

Virtual Session 4

Commodore Peter Leavy

Royal Australian Navy

“The Role of Middle Powers – The Australian Case”

Mr. Roland Rajah

Director, International Economy Program, Lowy Institute

“Economic Tensions and Global Decoupling”

Virtual Session 3

Dr. Collin Koh

Research Fellow, Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

“COVID-19 and the Pacific Navies”

Dr. Salvatore R. Mercogliano

Associate Professor of History, Campbell University

“COVID-19 and the civilian maritime sector”

Virtual Session 2

Mr. Greg Poling

Senior Fellow for Southeast Asia and Director, Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, Center for Strategic and International Studies

“An Update on the South China Sea”

Virtual Session 1

Ms. Nadège Rolland

Senior Fellow for Political and Security Affairs, National Bureau of Asian Research

“China’s Vision for World Order and its Belt and Road Initiative”