The Maritime Security Challenges Conference Series

MSC18 will be the eighth conference in the Maritime Security Challenges (MSC) series.

In existence since 2005, the biennial MSC conferences, held in Victoria, BC, are the only conference of its kind in Canada. With over 200 international delegates from military and related maritime industries attending this bienniel event, the conference attracts an exclusive senior contingent of professionals involved in all aspects of maritime operations and security, from decision-makers, to academics, to industry suppliers, to well-known and accomplished subject matter experts, from all over the world.

Delegates are brought together for three days to Victoria, British Columbia’s beautiful capital city on Vancouver Island, in an environment that fosters learning and exchange with ample opportunity for connecting with peers. Known for quality programming, MSC uniquely blends both academic theory and current issues, drawing on a significant range of international security practitioners and analysts.

The MSC conference organizers are enthusiastic participants in the maritime security community of interest and keenly aware of the qualities which make for rewarding and worthwhile conference experiences. The MSC program is designed to foster dialogue on the most pressing issues facing international security practitioners, while providing ample time for our delegates to make valuable connections with similarly-interested colleagues from around the world.

Maritime Security Challenges 2016 (Click to Expand)

Maritime Security Challenges 2016 was the most international MSC event to date, with 184 delegates representing 25 countries in attendance. MSC16 also included a special Future Leaders Programme which drew participants from across militaries, police departments, and civil service organizations from around the Indo Asia Pacific region.

The conference was once again presented by The Navy League of Canada in association with the United States Department of Defense’s Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies and the Royal Canadian Navy.

Programme Topics:

  • A Geostrategic Overview of the Indo Asia Pacific Region
  • Challenges in the Regional Maritime Environment
  • Reviewing Canada’s Defence Policy
  • Creating a Comprehensive Maritime Strategy
  • The Rise of Maritime States in East Asia and the Future of Indo-Pacific Security
  • Challenges in Renewing Maritime Capabilities
  • Technical Advancements in the Maritime Realm
  • The Future of Maritime Activity in the Arctic
  • Pulling Back the Curtain on the North Korean Navy
  • US Policy in the Asia Pacific: At a Crossroads of a New White House
  • Prospects for Maritime Cooperation
  • New Approaches to Maritime Strategies
  • Special Forum on Maritime Security

Keynote Speakers:

  • Admiral Scott H. Swift, Commander Pacific Fleet, United States Navy
  • Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd, Commander Royal Canadian Navy
  • Ms. Bonnie Glaser, Center for Strategic & International Studies

Conference Information:

MSC16 Delegates on the flight deck of HMCS REGINA during the conference day sail (Click to enlarge)

Participants in the Maritime Security Challenges Future Leaders Programme following their presentation at the 2016 Maritime Security Challenges Conference (Click to enlarge)

Maritime Security Challenges 2014 (Click to Expand)

The Maritime Security Challenges 2014 conference involved over 180 delegates from 22 nations, including 13 senior serving flag officers, as well as ambassadors, senators, members of parliament, and leading figures in the defence and security sectors.

Maritime Security Challenges 2014 was presented by The Navy League of Canada in association with the United States Department of Defense’s Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies and the Royal Canadian Navy.

Programme Topics:

  • The Naval Rebalance to the Pacific
  • Developments in the Indian Ocean
  • Building the Fleets of Tomorrow
  • The Expansion of Economic and Commercial Activities at Sea
  • Navigating Maritime Disputes
  • Technology and Naval Operations
  • and a Special Forum on the Future of Pacific Seapower

Keynote Speakers:

  • Admiral Harry Harris, Jr Commander, United States Pacific Fleet
  • Vice-Admiral Mark Norman Commander, Royal Canadian Navy
  • Rear Admiral Caesar Taccad Vice Commander, Philippine Navy

Conference Information:

Maritime Security Challenges ConferenceThe Maritime Security Challenges delegates on the steps of the British Columbia Parliament Buildings. (Click to enlarge) Maritime Security Challenges ConferenceFlag officers’ dinner hosted by Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, Commander Royal Canadian Navy, at the residence of Rear-Admiral Bill Truelove, Commander Maritime Forces Pacific. (Click to enlarge)

Maritime Security Challenges 2012 (Click to Expand)

MSC12, the fifth event in the Maritime Security Challenges Series, was held in October 2012. More than 150 international delegates representing more than 18 countries – and six continents – participated in the conference proceedings and discussions.

Vice Admiral Paul Maddison, Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy, delivered the conference keynote address, while Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff of the Royal Navy presented our banquet address.

Programme topics:

  • Developments in aircraft carriers
  • Maritime applications of unmanned and autonomous vehicles
  • Security issues in the Gulf of Guinea
  • The illegal movement of people and illicit cargoes at sea
  • Shipbuilding and future naval requirements

We would again like to thank the supporters from Maritime Security Challenges 2012 who helped to make that conference one of our best yet, including Royal Roads University, the Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies, Maritime Forces Pacific of the Royal Canadian Navy, and our corporate sponsors, supporters, and marketing partners.

Conference Information: