We are pleased to announce that the next in-person MSC meeting will take place on 22-24 March 2022 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  More information on registering for this meeting will be available in the future.

In the meantime, a new venture MSC Virtual Sessions will enable a continuous opportunity for connection, engagement and knowledge sharing across the maritime arena.  The first of these will be two presentations, one on 20 October and the other on 22 October 2020.  To register for these first MSC Virtual Sessions, please follow the links below:

MSC Virtual Session 1: Tuesday, 20 October, 16h00 (4:00pm) Pacific Time

“China’s Vision for World Order and its Belt and Road Initiative” – Ms. Nadège Rolland, Senior Fellow for Political and Security Affairs, National Bureau of Asian Research

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MSC Virtual Session 2: Thursday, 22 October, 15h30 (3:30pm) Pacific Time

“An Update on the South Chia Sea” – Mr. Greg Poling, Senior Fellow for Southeast Asia and Director, Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, Center for Strategic and International Studies

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*Please note that response to your registration will not be immediate as all registrations are subject to review.


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