Maritime Security Challenges 2018: Pacific Seapower

The Changing Sea State

UPDATE01 November 2017 – The MSC18 conference themes and discussion topics have been announced and included below. More details on panel participants and speakers will be released in the coming months.

Panel Discussions:

  • Changes to the Regional Strategic Geography
  • Challenging Convention and Re-evaluating the Status-Quo
  • Potential Disruptors in the Maritime Realm
  • New Directions – The Future Maritime Environment
  • International Cooperation for Securing the Maritime Future

Presentations and Special Sessions:

  • Striking a Balance in the Full Spectrum of Maritime Operations
  •  The South China Sea: A Power Struggle in Asia
  • Debate: The Future Centrality of Aircraft Carriers to World Naval Power
  • Changing Ocean Dynamics
  • A Special Forum on the Future of Pacific Seapower
  • And the MSC Future Leaders Program

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